Register of blue corn growth in timelapse



Resonances takes place within the framework of the N Festival, in which Arte+Ciencia has worked on the themes of space and epigenetics to present a project of interaction between organisms and environments. The place of discussion of epigenetics is usually the laboratory, theoretical biology and philosophy. With this project we want to extend these concepts to include guests and food within the idea of organism so as to generate a system of mutual affectation, within a structural unit that can be thought holistically. The environment is the space of food production and its interactions with the city and the countryside, with producers and with the agricultural

There is no neutral environment in which organisms grow. The agricultural spaces we visited in Xochimilco, where the vegetables that will be eaten at this dinner come from, are influenced by the demand of Mexico City’s restaurants based on food fashions. There are almost no Creole seeds. Most of what is sown comes from transnational companies that sell selected seeds treated with chemicals. Local people  hardly consume these products. It is not an agriculture, that of the chinampas of Xochimilco, of self-consumption, but of merchandise. There is no neutral space in which food is consumed. Gastronomy and culture are inseparable. Food as an organism is covered with the identitary positions of a town, a city or a country. The importance of vernacular products accounts for the historical continuity of each region.

To understand the transcendence of the organisms that become food from their knowledge, from organoleptic characteristics to techniques that allow their development, manipulation and transformation; is to revalue the work of those who harvest them each season. To give back the character, not only ceremonial, but ritual to the abundant biodiversity of raw material during all its process, is what makes the Mexican tradition special. Between the countryside and the city, the project presented here interplay with the production of organisms in their region of origin and with the agroindustry. From the chinampas in Xochimilco, to the Oaxacan coast, through the high mountain areas and the Tuxtlas in Veracruz; the ingredients and techniques speak of collective memories and identity, but also of international influences and movements.


PhD. María Antonia González Valerio

“Seeds to Germinate”

Growth light – Manufacturing



The enviroment of the growing of the seed was completly controlled


“Resonances” presentation, Black_Box Gallery, Mexico City




A production of: Arte+Ciencia, Atáscate Matías and Black_Box




Producer & Excecutive Producer: PhD. María Antonia González Valerio ( A+C / BiosExMachina)

Text: PhD. María Antonia González Valerio (A+C / BiosExMachina)

Seeds Donation: Atáscate Matías

Luminary Creation, Seed Register, Seed Germination, Timelapse of Growth, Gallery Register: Tadeo Valencia

Museography and Assembly: Black_Box

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